Are you seeking a sense of ease and serenity? Would you like to improve your emotional balance and health?

Hello and welcome. My name is Teresa Johnston and at Sunrise Holistic, I will teach you resources which lift you. I offer you tools to enhance your resilience, achieve inner content, reclaim the stability to recentre to a level footing after life's inevitable surprises. With me, you can visualize joy and gratitude as your natural go-to setting.

Modern day and mainstream guidance for accessing divine transformation

As a healthcare professional, mother, and intuitive coach, my training is accessible, relatable, and most of all a wonderful investment in your personal vitality.

  • Emotional Balance

  • Physical Health

  • Enhanced Reslience

  • Hormonal Stability

  • Boost Inner Guidance

  • Strengthen Confidence

My mission is...

I'm here to help you leave your old belief system and create a desirable and compelling future

You'll Love your Learning Experience...

  • Study materials

    Printable PDF's and eBooks for notes & reference

  • Video tutorials

    Training videos sharing learning through connection

  • Interaction

    Demonstrations of techniques for clarity and personal practice

What other students have to say

And why you will also benefit!

Why I Keep Going Back!

Anna Bell

Teresa is a very knowledgeable, attentive teacher who shows genuine care and connection with her students. In all the courses I've attended, Teresa takes time to explain things and makes sure students leave with a thorough understanding. That's why I keep going back!

Professional, Intuitive, and Caring

Sandra Hilditch

Teresa's teaching style is very professional, intuitive and caring. I have always felt confidant in her teaching, that if I wanted to discuss something which I maybe thought was silly or stupid, I could. Teresa's is open and accepting and always makes me feel validated. I always know that if Teresa doesn't know the answer, she will resource it until she can give you an answer. I have always felt a connection to Teresa as a teacher.

A Wonderful Listener with a Thoughtful Approach

Mara Montes

Teresa is a wonderful listener and has a thoughtful and holistic approach to assisting others with challenges they may come across. She has the ability to see things on a broad scale...what my company calls 'View from 30,000 feet'. You know how people get lost in details and go down the rabbit hole when analyzing their own situations? Teresa is able to see the whole and provide constructive direction on both broad scale and keen insight into the self.

Hello, I am Teresa Johnston.

I am the creator and operator of Sunrise Holistic

Welcome! My name is Teresa Johnston and I am an energy medicine practitioner. I have worked nearly twenty years as a healthcare professional and therapist in the USA and Scotland. My healthcare experiences led me to work holistically with energy healing and mindfulness meditation, which I have been doing since 2008. I will teach you many ways you can bring your life into balance and improve your perspective through improving your holistic health. You will learn ways to embrace joy, and together, we'll explore spirituality and purpose. I am pleased to have helped many people find both comfort and peace as well as to improve their health and find more positive outlooks and I now look forward to sharing my tools and experience with you through my online courses.

Create Confidence, Develop Serenity

Beginning today, your abundance of gratitude for life commences.